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Center for Church Music

Welcome to the Center for Church Music

Our era has witnessed an almost unprecedented burst of creativity in music for the Church.

  • There has been so much experimentation, thoughtful borrowing from other faith traditions, as well as building upon and recasting our own Lutheran heritage.
  • There has been an amazing output of songs for the congregation and in music for singers and instrumentalists.

The Center for Church Music is a place where you can tap into that great flow of energy (either on site or online) in order to—

  • get new ideas for music ministry in its various forms
  • gain a perspective on the music of the Church
  • take time for reflection
  • connect with the larger endeavor of Lutheran church music
  • be inspired by some remarkable leaders and thinkers in our midst
  • be energized for music ministry
  • satisfy curiosity

There are five aspects to the Center for Church Music—

  1. Resource Room
    • Books, magazines, recordings, the Schalk American Lutheran Hymnal Collection (541 volumes) and the ever-expanding archives of the original manuscripts of great American Lutheran composers
  2. Digital Initiative
    • Many of the volumes in the hymnal collection can be perused online at www.hymnary.org
    • Soon many of the original manuscripts will be accessible online at the Center’s website
  3. Website
    • Devotions, interviews, essays, forums, ideas
  4. Print publications
    • Books and monographs in the Shaping American Lutheran Church Music series available through Amazon and Lutheran University Press
  5. Encouragement of the next generation
    • Hillert Award in Student Composition
    • Schalk Scholars
      • Stipends for research

河北快3平台网址Please visit us on site or online and engage the amazing, dynamic mosaic of Lutheran church music which continues to be “the living voice of the Gospel” as it helps to propel the Church into the future.

Get Involved

Share your time, talents and gifts by becoming involved with the Center for Church Music. Contact the director, Barry Bobb to learn more about the different opportunities available. 

Visit the Center

河北快3平台网址Visit the Center for Church Music located in the Klinck Memorial Library on Concordia University Chicago's Campus.