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河北快3平台网址At Concordia University Chicago you’ll learn from experience as you engage in applied research, service activities, internships, off-campus study throughout the world and more. It’s why our students develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and versatility to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace, serve as ethical leaders and pursue opportunities that expand throughout their lives.

 Concordia-Chicago Student

Focus on 21st century knowledge and skills

A degree from Concordia–Chicago signals to employers that you have learned by taking advantage of opportunities such as internships, applied research, service activities, leadership experiences and off-campus learning. Your experience at CUC will help you develop the perspective, skills and abilities that will allow you to keep opening up your life’s possibilities long after graduation.

Beyond Concordia


Concordia-Chicago Professor

Personalized guidance from professors and staff

As a 河北快3平台网址Concordia–Chicago student, you will receive individualized attention that guides you toward a vocation or career path and then sets you up to succeed in it. Our professors and staff provide personalized guidance and support as they help you identify your career interests, master the knowledge and skills required to enter or advance in your desired professional field, and establish the connections that will launch you on your way.

Majors & Degree Programs


Learning with diverse students in a world-class city

You will have wide-ranging experiences as you learn in community with students of various backgrounds and cultures from around the world. With nearly endless opportunities to get involved in activities on campus, in Chicago and throughout the world, you will have enriching experiences that expand your versatility and open up your future prospects.

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Concordia Chicago Faith

A values-based education for leadership and purpose

Rich in the Lutheran tradition of education, CUC provides you with an educational experience that includes faith enrichment and guidance toward an ethical life of integrity. The spirit of community inspires all of our students—especially those in our church work programs—to meet the needs of the world in which they live, serve and work. 河北快3平台网址You will open up your life to all aspects of meaningful success thanks to the impactful education you will experience at Concordia–Chicago. 

Why Concordia?


This is why you’ll thrive not only during your years of undergraduate study or graduate school at Concordia–Chicago, but far beyond—for the entirety of your successful career or vocation and purposeful life