Honors Program

Welcome to the Concordia University Honors Program. Designed for highly motivated and passionate students, the CUC Honors Program aims to increase a student’s knowledge throughout their undergraduate career based on national standards for educating the best and brightest students at the university level.

河北快3平台网址The Honors Program

  • Pushes students to employ critical thinking skills in their personal and professional lives
  • Encourages collaboration in and outside of the classroom
  • Promotes student community involvement
  • Exposes students to interdisciplinary analysis

河北快3平台网址Honors study is available to both traditional 4-year undergraduate and transfer students alike.

Mission Statement

河北快3平台网址The Concordia University Chicago Honors Program offers a rigorous academic atmosphere inside and outside the classroom that fosters intellectual curiosity and a sense of vocation in students, both in their careers and in contributing to the church and world.  It instills a spirit of service and equips students with the skills to become experts in their fields, visionary future leaders, and compassionate citizens.

Learn More

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Dr. David E. Settje
Professor of History and Honors Program Director

Student Centered

Don’t expect a top down approach to your participation in the Honors Program! CUC’s Honors Program thrives through student leadership:

  • Students sit on the Honors Council, the governing body that oversees academic requirements and course selection
  • Students lead the Honors Club
  • Students drive the classroom experience by bringing their own ideas to the table, leading discussions, and deciding much of the direction of what takes place
  • Students attend evenings with prominent university leaders to discuss the mission statement’s application to their lives

Course Examples

  • An introductory writing course that focuses on critical thinking and taking students with exceptional writing skills and enhancing them even more
  • Exclusive Honors sections of the freshmen required courses, Noetics
  • Topical courses taught by a professor based on their research area of expertise. Past courses include topics in genocide, creativity, New Testament studies, and a person’s impact on the environment
  • A one on one research project with a professor of the student’s choosing

Honors Club

Your Honors Program experience won't start and stop in the classroom. 

In addition to evenings to discuss the mission statement and a student’s role in the world, the student led Honors Club hosts academic events, as well as service learning events. 

河北快3平台网址This includes watching a movie followed by discussion, food drives, and museum visits to downtown Chicago.