Is Online Learning for You?

河北快3平台网址Concordia University Chicago is a leader among degree-granting institutions in delivering courses online. Online learning allows many of our students to pursue higher education while maintaining other commitments to work and family. Many of our degrees may be earned completely online, allowing students to access our quality programs regardless of where they live.

Concordia-Chicago is proud of our faculty’s expertise in helping students succeed in the virtual classroom. Upwards of 90 percent of our online students achieve program completion, which is well above the national average.

河北快3平台网址Blackboard, our online Learning Management System, provides a structured channel for course delivery, communication and assessment. Many programs are delivered in a cohort model; small class sizes allow for individualized attention. Our cohort model allows strong relationships to be built among students pursuing the same degree. Many students stay in touch with fellow cohort members after degree completion, expanding their career networking base.

河北快3平台网址As you plan your educational career, we encourage you to consider which of our delivery modes (face to face, online, hybrid or blended) are best suited to your personal learning style. While many students thrive academically in the online environment, other students achieve better outcomes by face-to-face learning in the traditional classroom. Concordia-Chicago is committed to helping each student choose an individualized learning path through which they will succeed in reaching their academic goals.

We have compiled several resources to help you understand the online experience and the suitability of online learning for your individual learning style:

Additional Resources: