Giving To Concordia


Projects and Priorities

Concordia University Chicago is positioning itself to meet the needs of a diverse and ever-changing society with strategic new projects and priorities. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to CUC's students, alumni and the Church. From updating residential halls to providing a program to listen to our constituents and opportunities for a variety of involvement.

Your support can help students fulfill their vocation and have a profound impact on our community and our Church. Take a look around...

河北快3平台网址Building programs and facilities to equip young men and women to serve and lead. Current initiatives and projects are appealing to alumni, faculty, staff and philanthropists across the country who are investing to help expand our exciting path to the future.

Reaching all corners of the institution, the Pillars Fund河北快3平台网址 plays a role in every aspect of life at Concordia-Chicago. With your unrestricted gifts, Concordia University Chicago can continue to offer a campus setting where learning and Christ-centered living are harmoniously intertwined.

When you make a gift to Concordia-Chicago’s endowment fund, you are investing in the future. Endowments directly reflect a university’s stability, strength and endurance.

河北快3平台网址In 2000, the Martin Luther Society was formed with the mission to provide support and financial assistance to students pursuing church work.

Concordia University Chicago believes that every child deserves a quality start to their lifelong educational journey. For forty years Concordia Chicago has provided excellence in early childhood teacher education. As the field of early childhood education continues to evolve, CUC is committed to producing innovative and dynamic practices, programs, and degrees rooted in Christian heritage. 

河北快3平台网址The Center for Gerontology encompasses research efforts that include generating, organizing and disseminating high-quality multidisciplinary aging-related practice and knowledge. We strive to make a difference in the lives of older adults and their families through faith-based research and education, which will have a far-reaching impact on the community we serve.

河北快3平台网址The Center for Literacy addresses the persistent achievement gap in literacy and helps work toward educational equity. Sometimes referred to as a reading clinic, the Center contributes to this goal by developing innovative and meaningful literacy instruction in four specific ways.

河北快3平台网址As a member of the Cougar Champions Club, you support the continual growth of Cougar athletics, ensuring that all generations of Cougars benefit from the strength and integrity of Concordia-Chicago’s athletic programs. 

With immense pride in our fine arts programs, Concordia-Chicago honors and elevates our music, theater and fine art by increasing opportunities for our students while enriching the arts experience for you, our patrons! We encourage the beneficial relationship between those who teach, those who study and those who support the arts.

Concordia University Chicago strongly believes in partnership and the unique opportunity to share of our resources. As a member of the Oak Park/River Forest community, we encourage our students, faculty and staff to be positive neighbors, helping to...